Obama vs O'Reilly part 3

On Tuesday September 9, 2008, the third segment of the Bill O'Reilly interview of Sen. Barack Obama was aired. This segment was focused on the great subject of "Guilt by Association". Let me first say I never seen, or heard of, an presidential canidate that has been slighted SO MUCH for nonpolitical acquaintances - Rev. Jerimiah Wright, Bill Ayers and BLOGGERS? (yeah, 21st century at its best).

For me, the major delima I have about the tintinnabulation this is causing is the fact that this behavior is not indicative of the nonpolitical associations that Pres. George W. Bush had with the oil companies - or the connection Palin (Alaska has the largest supply domestic oil) or Mccain has. Further more I digress because I'm not interested in seeing another "who runs the best smear compaign" or "who is more american" type of election. The real question, even above the issues, is...

Which canidate is going to tryst americans, as a whole, on our needs as citizens?

NOT who is going to run around, like a chicken with their head cut off, in search of new ways to use the extensive military and equipment america poses.

Lets just lump this mess together as a whole, bundle it up, tie it down and throw it in the dumpster where it belongs. Also, LET US NOT allow the rebulicans, and their supporters, to make this into a "who can wiggle out of acquisations the best" campaign.

I am embellished with strife when I see and hear such things. I mean...

Why do rebuplicans think they can dupe WE AMERICANS - for a 3rd election in a row - with their barbarous, conjectural, lethargic, asinine and unscrupulously deceitful grandiloquent rants about democratic canidates?

Or simply put they are Full of Shit!

Well Mr. O'Reilly did say it best when he stated, "I have new respect for Obama, he is sincere in his beleifs and his presence has changed politics forever"

As for Obamas' "associations" we should remember this quote,

“I know thousands of people... So, understandably, people will pick out folks who they think they can score political points with.”

or this quote from Obama, "...It is classic guilt by association.”

My Fellow Americans Let Us Not Forget
For the past 8 year the current president has been
Getting rich with our money
Off the sweat of our brows
From the blood of our families!

enjoy interview below

Conclusion tommorow...

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