What Happen to 1 Hit Wonders???

Call me Crazy... Nah, go ahead... DO IT!

I'm looking for 1 hit wonders. Think about it...

Isn't that just what half of the artist out right now are?

The bigger example is Soulja Boy. Look, I actually like that superman song. Did I buy his album? Hell 2da Nah. I look at it this way, we always have had those type songs, the only difference is that the artist who made those type of songs before, thats right...


Sir-mix-alot, Baby got back - 1 Hit Wonder

Rex-n-effects, Rump shaker, "all I wanna do is Zoom Zoom Zoom in ya Boom Boom" - 1 Hit Wonder

Tag Team & 95 South, Whoomp There it is & Hoot There it is, both versions - 1 Hit WonderS

Tone Loc, Wild Thang & Funky Cold Madina (they both used the same sounding guitar and drums so its the same song to me) - 1 Hit Wonder

D.R.S., Gansta Lean, I drink my forty to THEIR memory - 1 Hit Wonders

Digable Planets, Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - 1 Hit Wonder (Like Dat)

69 Boyz, Tootsie Roll, "cotton candy sweet as gold" - 1 Hit Wonders

Ghost Town DJ's, My Boo, "last night I dreamed of you" I liked the song - 1 Hit Wonders

Quad City DJ's, C'mon Ride it(The Train), yall know was was doin that Choo Choo dance just like kids now "super man that ho" - 1 Hit Wonders

Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby, Alright stop ____(yall know the words) - 1 Hit Wonder


SOulja Boy, Plies, D4L, Joe Budden, Nick Cannon, PitBull, Rich Boy, Jim Jones, and the list goes on and on.

They all want to stay around like the really have something to offer. Take your 1 hit and milk it for what its worth. You know you have no real skill, you know you just got lucky and hit 1 out the park. You can tour for 2 years off that 1 hit, it may end up being used in a popular movie, it may get played at all the sports arenas, hell, these days it can be a platinum ring tone. Whatever you do, DO NOT try to pretend you a legitament artist.

Y'know who I blames. ASHANTI! Foolish, it was a foolish song, to me, but I know yall ladies loved it. THAT should have been it. BUT NO, not Ashanti. Lets remake songs from 2 other popular beats(Happy, Baby), Lets keep saying the word baby over and over (awe baby). I know that she acheived platinum status, a shocking, 3 times, but she caint sang. I cant prove it but I bet Irv Gotti used an auto dialer to get those videos played. Its possible that she has other talents, which may be the reason to her being around so long -


She open the flood gates for all one hit wonders. Thanks to her all one hit wonders try to make a 2nd album. WHich brings me back to Soulja Boy. His new song is gawbidge, he needs to flop so that 1 hit wonders can be put back in ther place; And thats accepting that they are lucky to make 1 hit. Dont get me wrong, soulja boy, keep making youtube videos, beats and even try to get a TV show or a movie deal - just no more albums for 5 year AT LEAST.


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