Word of the Week: Synergistic

Synergistic - pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, ect.

or simply...

the cooperative action of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Synergy, or synergism, for the most part, pertains to a scientific effect on chemicals and/or muscles. I perceive synergy just as applicable to sociological interaction, or how we get along with others.


This is regardless of personal feelings for another person. There may be situation where a person that you get along with, or are fond of, but can never accomplish a meaningful task with this person. On the flip side, there are people who you may find annoying, or just do not like, but will have an uncanny ability to work well together and get things done. This is not to say that the opposite can not be true for both statements.

So for this week draw awareness of your synergy and identify the persons whom, when you form cooperative action with, help you to produce a greater effect than you on your own...

and the persons that cause you a lesser effect than you on your own.

is out!!!!



Miseducation 101: For The Haters

Alright Class Gather 'round as I contunie to expound on the Haterism Phenomenon...

For this lesson we will concentrate on the "for the haters" comments and actions.

Lately I've discovered that when people do things that are "for the haters", oppose to being for "A" hater, they tend to get into a little bit of trouble. The trouble comes from "the haters", which is general or generic, is not aimed at a particular person. See, you can not blanket haters because they like to be identified. So in essence you have to call the hater out - I mean, call "A" hater out.

Basically, Not for THE haters, but aim at "A" hater - you have to be more specific.

This video is a perfect example...

Exactly, Misconstrued is right Mr Juelz Santana

I totally agree that using the internet for spewing hate is an act of "gayness"(what is gayness or "acting gay" is a whole 'nutha topic). Problem is you can NOT get mad at a specific person(hater) then make a generalization about all people who hate.

Thats the trap!

We do not want to identify the specific person because we do not want to give that hater unjust publicity. At the same time, we want to subliminally admonish the embellishment of haters by , as stated by Juelz Santana, letting them fuel your energy, building off their hate, and other such statements. Thats an oxymoron if I ever seen one, its very self-contradictory and leads to these "misconstruments"(yeah I made that word up, its the Jessie Jackson in me).

Giving haters all this "praise" without proper recognition, is Mad, I tell you MAD. That like the Grammy's or Oscar's only announcing the nominees and not having an awards show. Like, these people deserve awards but lets not pick a winner.

Here is another example of a "recantation of hateration"
(if this video does not work complain to the website linked above)

Actually, if the video is not working Keri Hilson probably does not want people to keep listening to her back pettle (like beep beep beep beep beep).

So lets not do it to ourselves, if you see a hater "point 'em out, point 'em out". If you dont theses seemingly pointed generalizations will tranfsorm into misconstruments that will screw you - EVERYTIME. Then you'll have to make a Recantation of Hateration, that will have you back peedling like "go go beep beep".

If you dont want to "name names" at least name the "hoish" or "gayn" or "bitchass" activity that was committed - that way you dont get UNWANTED haters "fueling your energy", "motivating you", "giving you ennergy to build off of", or making you GO GO! BEEP BEEP!

Haters make you GO! GO! Beep! Beep!


Tom COONery

See, this that BULLSH*T

And here is the degenerate mind that formed such a dubious peice of crap...

Brett Noel

May he soon be conflicted with ARThritis

Word of the Week: Specious

Specious -

1. apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing or plausible: specious arguments.
2. pleasing to the eye but deceptive.


Leading into the current economic crisis, many banks gave out specious loans to home buyers, where the loans looked to be affordable but in the end were not.

I acknowledge that the solution should overshadow the problem but sometime we need to find the source of the problem in order to find the proper solution.


AinThissaBowda: AIG(arrogance, incompetence and greed)

NOTICE: I do not break the news, meaning, I am not attempting to give you new information that you may not know. What I DO is BUST THE NEWS. This may be what you know but I'm going to tell you what you don't know - and drop my Ghetto Psychoanalytical Philosophy on dat azz...

I should of just call this post WHAT THE FCUK!

I know that most are already aware of the company AIG and the bonus crap so I do not have to go into details on that. What it comes down to is this

The information that these bonuses were coming up was out there. Thing is AIG got blasted last fall for their spa retreat booty meet junket, Wells Fargo was forced to cancel there Las Vega freakfest they had planed in February and Shitibank, I mean, Citibank had to forego their plans to purchase a mile high club magnet of a jet, in January. I guess we can say that AIG was already forewarned. After they got lashing in November, they also got to see 2 more examples in January and February. Also, there has been talk about the ridiculous bonuses that CEO's and such have been receiving - along with the talk about stoping it.


I'm glad AIG were such idiots because now President Obama has his team working on a remedy for theses such situations. This is exactly what needed to happen because for many years this has been going on, CEO's have been stackin then packin like that was the job.

I mean, what does it take to become a CEO of a company?

How do you get paid based on performance but even if you do not perform well you still get a bonus. That is NOT the definition of an incentive. An Incentive is to encourage a better effort or reward progress. It is quite obvious that AIG has not progressed but rather digressed. I can not, for the life of me, wrap my brain around the concept that theses people would still be entitled to a bonus.

They helped bankrupt a company and the company rewards them for doing that?

By giving them millions or dollars?

What the hell was written in those contracts?

No matter what you will be richer next year?

How can that be justified?


And You Know Thissss

President Obama just finished doing a town hall meeting in Costa Mesa, California. It was awesome as usual, i guess nothing less is reasonably to be expected. What drew focus to me was the Q & A portion, particularly his answer to the housing market question. In his answer he displayed why he was able to win the election in November with his savvy and ability to make complex situation plain to the common person.

Thing is with this sub-prime mortgage lending, that some people want to blame it on the government making banks give loans to low income families. Its disturbing because those same people think they have it pegged but they have yet to scratch the surface. True as it may be that banks were made to give sub-prime loans, they were not made to inflate those loans. Everytime I have a conversation about this I have to break this down, similarly to like President Obama.

Essentially, since the banks were made to give these loans they started making people by homes.
Now about this time I always get the "people should not have bought houses that could not afford" statement, which is true; But what person, in their right mind, who works everyday and has been working for YEARS, is going to turn down their opportunity to finally own a home?

Fact is most people do not understand interest rates and refinancing, all they know is how much they have to pay, each month, and for how long. You think these people were told for the first 2-3 years they will pay $500 a month, then after that it will increase to upwards of $1500?

The answer is NO

People fail to understand that this whole banking situation is going to cause necessary parameters to be set up. It reminds me of what happen with the "buyer beware" practices of many moons ago - late 1800's early 1900's. Before things like consumer protection laws and better business bureaus, it was up to the consumer to fully inspect a product they wanted to buy. It was believe that products would be produced for quality and not just to get a quick buck. We know how that went, that is why the consumer protection laws came about.

That was when GOODS were the prime assets. At that time services were not so much covered and a hundred years later, now that SERVICES(like providing mortgages) are more prominent than GOODS, we need similar laws in place. This also encompasses Presidents Obama's mention of credit cards, again more banking stuff.

What is to come is simplifications in banking services and their products i.e. mortgages and credit cards. It will be great for banks to have to fully disclose what an adjustable rate is and means for your pocket. That way people will not "buy houses they can not afford" and if they can afford it when they get it they will be able to continue to afford it...

as long as they still work, of course.



MisEducation 101: Hi Hater


Class is back in session and the focus for today will be the Phenomenon known as "the hater" (aka da hay-duh).

On the blog Diamond Dust, A. Smith, spoke about haters and how it seems that when one does not want to directly "call out" a person, they say "its just a hater" or "its about the haters" or even "I do it for MY haters".

It seems to be an obsession, these days, to have this mythical nondescript syndicate(hay-duhs) whose sole purpose is to be the source of blame in ones life.

HUH? Let me break it down...

The Obsession

Obsession is the controlling of emotions, or thoughts, by a desire of achievement.

Thoughts and emotions are controlled by the word hater. If a person is deemed a hater, immediately, others perception of that person becomes skewed and obscure. Regardless of the credibility of the person calling out the hater, people still tend to hold the comment as truth. If you do not want someone to like another person just say that person is a hater.

Along with this conditioning of the mind is the goal of achieving the "sideline of haters". There is this growing desire to obtain as many haters as possible or to label any one who does not accept your 'swagger' as a hater. Though it should be known that every one will not perceive you as you do yourself, the mind set is that whoever does not is a hater. In short, any one not 'singing your praises' is a hater - regardless of truth.

The Mythical Nondescript Syndicate

Who is a hater, exactly? Other than unjust finger pointing, what identifies a hater?

When one says 'the haters' it is as if there referring to 'the spirits' or 'the man' - as in, its more of a representative group than actual tangible people. Haters are mythical in the sense of this false belief that created this normative system. I mean, there is not a group of people that will say we are 'the haters', no, the group will always form as 'the hateD'; But not in a victimized manner, more so as an astute group of individuals.

Again there is no clear cut way, outside of finger pointing, to depict, or describe, a hater. Nothing is out there to distinguish a hater.

Is it the way they look? Is it the way that talk? Who knows?

The Source of Blame

So, why are people infatuated with having this fictitious group? Blame is the reason.

The term hater(s) has become abstractly allegorical, meaning there is nothing of substance to back haterism. Its only an emblamatic semblance, giving a look on the surface to be the cause of another (a hater) but inwardly being ones self - or ones inner struggle with self.

If haters are a negative vice in ones life then why pursue having them? That makes it a figurative palisade, having the line of haters to defend you insecurities (its not me its them). Thus haters are out in front blocking the real source of the issue - YOU.

But Wait There Is More

I believe that there are genuine haters out there. Thing is its all of us. We all hate something, or someone even, in a perpetual since. There are things, or people, who we will never agree or meet a common ground with - its just life.

Saying things like, "if you got haters you must be doing something right" or "the more sucessful the more haters" or even "my haters motivate me", is not accurate. Those statements, and ones of the like, only mean that you embrace negativity in your life - or enjoy pissing people off.

If you believe that haters are going to further your growth maybe you should examine you "swagger".




Word of the Week: Spurious

Spurious - not genuine, authentic, or true; not from the claimed, pretended, or proper source; counterfeit.

Former Vice President, Dick Cheney, was as spurious, as were his comments, about the economic crisis, the Bush and the Obama administrations. This is nothing new though because he was just as spurious about the war in Iraq.

See for yourself...


Word of the Week: ostentatious

ostentatious - characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others: intended to attract notice

Rush Limbaugh is an ostentatious orator, who is using his radio show to openly advocate for the failure of President Obama.

I can not believe the amount of media attention this degenerate is receiving. I mean, he works on radio for a reason...

Because he's too UGLY for TV.


No Child Left Behind

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

I'm talkin''bout the mutha f*ck'n booty poppin @$$ droppin'




Word of the Week: Efficacious

I am aware the Black History Month is over but I started a week late so I'll wrap it up on this word of the week. I'm choosing Malcolm X, as last week, February 21, was the anniversary of his assasination.

efficacious - capable of having the desired result or effect; effective as a means, measure, remedy, etc

Malcolm X was efficacious for the civil rights movement. His ability to draw large crowds for his speeches, all over the country, was instrumental to the advocacy of African American rights.


Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary.

I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence.

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

Malcolm X