So like 2 weeks ago I seen this guy duck off the bus DURING A SNOW STORM after he exclaimed, "Awe Shit! I gotta go there go my baby momma I can let her see me!" That same guy was on the bus stop outside the office this evening & she ran up on that nigga sumthan smoooooootttttthhhh. He was on the corner waiting on the bus, talkin shit & she crept up behing him & commenced to WHOOPIN HIS ASS MR POST MAN!!!!

I don't know where that girl could have possibly been going at damn near 11 o'clock at night, during a snow storm, with a 3-4 month old baby; Or where the hell she was coming from for that matter. After old dude ducked off the bus that night, I know she felt obscure because everyone heard what he said, therefore all eyes where on her when she got on the bus, AND she had that "what the fuck is everyone looking at" look.

HA, how lucky am I to know the endeavors of these people and I don't even know a nickname.

It was real ugly out there. The cops came and blocked the entrance to the office and had a damn peer mediation, GTFOH!

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