It jus doesnt add up


So what do you get when you cross a hockey bag, a Haitian and an SUV crossing the Canadian boarder into the United States?


Two Virginia sisters... are in jail after allegedly trying to smuggle a Haitian man inside a hockey bag into the U.S. The Haitian lover man, was to be deported back in 2006 but fled to Canada. So loveless in VA coaxed her sister into traveling to Canada to smuggle her Haitian Mandingo Warrior back to Virginia, IN A HOCKEY BAG! - so they could get married. I checked and the largest hockey bag is a lil under 4 ft long, 2 ft tall & 2 ft wide, so that could not have been the most comfortable accommodations for the Haitian play boy. I'm pretty sure when the Canadian boarder patrol guy looked at their luggage he noticed the hocket bag looked like it had oddly shaped equipment in their. Plus isn't Canada like the birthplace of Hockey? He knew those brawds weren't on the Olympic team!

They would have had better luck rolling him up in a rug

Story seen on Canoe.ca

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