Word Of The Week: Vociferous

Vociferous - to yell or shout loudly

When you hastily become vociferous you show a great sign of weakness.



This is a new type of blog post I want to try out. This is basically a narrative story that I'm goin to make up as I go along.


Fun With Dick & Jane

HA HAAA! Hell to da NAW. I know it is sad that this family had to result to this but the movie "Fun with Dick & Jane" comes to mind. They were definitely rookies to be doing breaking and entering robberies in broad daylight, in a minivan, WITH THEIR CHILDREN.

As my good friend A.Red would say they were so not watching their set-up.

HAMILTON, Mass. -- Two suspects were arrested in Hamilton on Friday for two burglary incidents while their children waited in the family car.

A woman on Madonna Ave. called police after she approached one of the burglars, suspected to be Elizabeth A. Schultz, 30-years old, who was waiting in the sedan with her children in the resident’s driveway. Shultz told the woman she was looking for a friend, and then sped off honking the horn.

A man, allegedly the husband of the female suspect, James J. Shultz of Norwood, exited the house with a white plastic bag filled with articles from the home. After being challenged by neighbor John Michaud, the suspect dropped the bag and ran to the sedan which was waiting at the end of the street. (SOURCE)

Nicki Minaj turns down Rihana's offer


Rihanna will hit the road this summer for her "Last Girl On Earth Tour" and she's tapped two of her famous lady friends to join her. Lil Wayne protégé Nicki Minaj and pop singer Ke$ha will be opening up for the Bajan singer on the trek, which kicks off July 2 in Seattle, Washington, and wraps up in Chicago on Aug. 25. (SOURCE)

There has go to be more to this. In her tweets, posted below, Nicki says she wants to work on her album. TUH!, it better drop this summer because she could have used the tour money to pay for that album. It also could have expanded her fan base for when the album actually drops. I'm thinking its one of two things: She doesn't want to be on a Pop Music tour; She think too good to be an opening act...



Word of the Week: Lachrymose

Lachrymose (lak-ruh-mohs) - given to shedding tears readily

She, in turn, became lachrymose in her attempt to gain remorse for her situation.



Look Who's Rappin Now

Aight yall the beloved and famed Porno Star/Stripper, Pinky XXX is now going to attempt to apply her skills to rappin. That's right RAPPER, and she has a new mixtape out, and on some real shit, it aint bad at all.

This definately aint no Lola Luv wack ass type of shit. She definitely makes a lot of money so she could have paid people to write verses for her but she still got to flow it and she be hittin it. Production is FIYAH, like every other mixtape though those drops are annoying but necessary, I guess.

I'm actually promoting because you can download the mixtape right here from the embedded widget below. At least listen to the title track "Fuck You Pay Me", I like that one. She snapped a lil bit on the song "Bad Bitch" too.

Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player

SMMFH: Former President Bush

This fool wipes his hand on Bill Clinton after he shook hand with a few Haitians. He could have just kept he ass at home.

You know he thought he was being slick too, acting like he show a good gesture toward Bill Clinton, WHAT A JACK ASS!!


Bow Wow Says "Roger That"

Bow Wow freestyles? over the Roger That beat. He touts that Bow Wizzle's back, You be the judge...

The Bucket List Bank Robbery

For those who may not know, a bucket list is a list that a person who will soon die makes of things they want to do before they die. This troubled soul wanted to rob a bank before she died... poor shame.

Am I the only one that would like to know what else was on that infamous bucket list?