Look Who's Rappin Now

Aight yall the beloved and famed Porno Star/Stripper, Pinky XXX is now going to attempt to apply her skills to rappin. That's right RAPPER, and she has a new mixtape out, and on some real shit, it aint bad at all.

This definately aint no Lola Luv wack ass type of shit. She definitely makes a lot of money so she could have paid people to write verses for her but she still got to flow it and she be hittin it. Production is FIYAH, like every other mixtape though those drops are annoying but necessary, I guess.

I'm actually promoting because you can download the mixtape right here from the embedded widget below. At least listen to the title track "Fuck You Pay Me", I like that one. She snapped a lil bit on the song "Bad Bitch" too.

Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player

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