Well, this is actually Martin Luther Kings' dream - y'know that dream about one day we will "not be judged by the color of (our) skin but by the content of (our) character" - yeah that dream.

So here we are 45 years from that day(August 28th, 1963) and that dream has not reached fruition. Now Martin Luther Kings' dream is not "A Dream Deferred" but after 45 years of not much amelioration it may appear to be a dried raisen, to stink like rotten meat or to saggy like a heavy load - but this dream will not explode. It will implode from within us all and liberally bring forth the change we lack because on the 45th "anniversity" we will see the first black/"african-american" to run for president under a major party.

I'm talking Barack Obama voted as the Democractic Party Leader, or as the term I would like to coin THE AMELIORANT - that is one to cause change.

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