Obama vs O'Reilly part 2

On Monday September 8, 2008, part 2 of the Bill O'reilly interview of Sen. Barack Obama resumed. This segment actually entailed political issue of substance - The Ecomony - or as Obama put it, "... lies, damn lies, and statistics".

I must say, this segment touched on about 3 hours worth of info in like 5 minutes - and Obama found it hard to get a word in edgewise. So the basics...

Oreilly: Under President Bush, the economy grew 19 percent more than Clinton.

Obama: there was economic growth. Not as fast as during the 1990s, OK, but there was growth during the Bush administration. But what happened was that wages and incomes for ordinary Americans... their wages and incomes did not go up.

Dafanz: Aye... If the economy grew, why is the real estate market in shambles? Why have so many corporations laid off SO MANY american workers? Why has there been a decrease in the american dollar? Hell, WHY ARE WE IN A RECESSION? OH, and why haven't MY wages increasing?

but all these CEO are, shall I say, "Getting Richer"

Since wages are the same compounded with Inflation, would equate to "Getting Poorer"

Lets continue

O'Reilly: ... Let's get back to taxing the rich... you want 50 percent of my success

Obama: No, I don't. No, I don't.

O'Reilly: if you get elected…

Obama: What I have said is that I would take your marginal rate back to what it was under Bill Clinton (39 %).

O'Reilly: yes. 39

Obama: You(the wealthy) can afford that. That's point No. 1. In exchange, I'm cutting taxes for 95 percent of Americans. 95 percent.

O'Reilly: That's swell, but that's class warfare.

Dafanz: AYE! - Whoa!, hol' on a minute... 95% of americans are poor? Let make it simple...


Y'know its quite obvious that Reagonomics, Trickle-down Economics and Supply-side Ecomonics DO NOT WORK!!!

These people and corporations get the benefit of these tax cuts and it does absolutely NOTHING for the working class citizens - both lower & middle class. Yeah , the wealthy enjoy the tax cuts and it does nothing for the working stiff because they take thte extra money and shelter it and put it into their Estates. These people and corporations do not spend their extra money!!

Now what do we get?... Economic Stimulation?

Yeah, lets pacify the american citizens with hush money!

Lets hand out checks to provide a short-term.... AN EXTREMELY SHORT-TERM solution... Instead of creating the possibility of long-term security for those who yet poses it...


Obama calls this, "... calling the same thing something different."

I would quote the ol' american addage but maybe I'm not american enough to use it...

enjoy interview below


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