Obama vs O'Reilly part 4

Finally Wednesday September 10, 2008, the conclusion of the Bill O'Reilly interview of Sen. Barack Obama aired. The subject of the segment was on Oil and Alternative Energy, which is a subject that should be important to this election. They also touched on foreign policy a little too.

O'Reilly began with, " $150 Billion... over 10 years... TOO WHAT!?!!!! (note more exclaim that inquiry)

Obama responds with, "...wind, solar and hydro..."

O'Reilly throw out, "what if they don't work?"

Obama responds with touts of, and I quote, "similar to ventur capital" and "... similar to the space program".

I find it outrageous for O'Reilly to ask "what if they dont work" but, again, its a mere ploy to see if he can disconcert Obama. What O'Reilly really wanted to get at, was a break down of how much would go where - which would lead to criticisms of which areas should get more funding (blah).

When O'Reilly inquired about Nato and the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Obama responded with,

"Part of the reason is, is that we soured our relationship with the Europeans after Iraq. And, you know, when I went over to Europe, and if you listened to that speech in Berlin... One of the things I said in that speech is you cannot think that the Americans are going to just carry all the freight on this thing. You guys (countries part of NATO) have to step up to the plate."

I just want to remind you, when Obama made this trip, thats when all the grandiloquent "rockstar" and "celebrity" comments were made. Its quite absurd for any one not to see the value of a potential american leader being able to go to another country, an allied country, and get more than just the leaders of that nation to be interested in what they have to say. In my eyes, thats not celebrity luminescence - its a step OUR nation needs to make, its a step in the direction of healing soured relationships that have been maimed by OUR current president, and a step toward world peace. Also it should have commanded respect by the republicans instead of a lot of scoffing and ridicule.


Overall, this was a great interview for Sen. Obama. The Interview showed that Obama can keep his composure under pressure. Furthermore, it displayed the knowledge that Obama has on several policies as well as the multi-faceted government system that american operates under.

I really do not want to delve into the Sarah Palin subject but to say that her newness is equivocal to Obama's is, well, just plain retarded. In respect to her running as a vice president, her knowledge of our governmental system and policies is incomparable to Sen. Obama's. Its Foolish to think that we, as americans, should not be concerned about Palin being next in line behind an aging, over-operated body, known as John McCain (I mean that with no disrepect). This is just my opinion but Palin definately could not handle such and interview, not even a segment - and McCain would not be able to answer questions beyond his coached responses.

enjoy the conclusion below...

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