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Most should have, by now, heard of Twitter. If not, I think of twitter as online text message hub center. You have like 500 charachters to say whatever it is you want the world to know, you can also send links. Lately, there has been an Influx of celebs joining the "twitterverse" - Shaq, Karrine "superhead" Steffans - but its good to find out what other people are offering out in cyberspace.

Hence, I stumbled upon Pyramidwest(click).

This is a very nice website but what I enjoyed were the interviews with various black celebs. I enjoyed how raw they were and how they are like casual conversation(NOT talk showish).

I have 2 here(below) that I enjoyed - Comedians Sommore and Aries Spears. There are a host of otheres that are interviewed as well like Bill Bellamy, Charlie Murphy, Adele Givens, Don Cheadle(actor), Keisha Cole, Nick Cannon and many many more.

by GJournalism

Aries Spears
by GJournalism

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