Resourceful Recyclers

So like I do, just about everyday, I was searching the internet for weird and/or interesting things. Thats when I stumbled upon a Ramen Noodle coin purse(shown on the left). Personally, I do not have a need for a purse, but the product did fit the wierd and/or interesting purpose. So my interest switched to which creative mind(s) thought to create such a product, during which I found several other Ramen Noodle accesories.

So I came to find that these are the creations of OhNoUDidntDesigns. The creator has been at it since 2004 and these products are actually made from discarded food packagings. They are then cleaned and later used to create fashionable items, which extend beyond my Ramen Noodle infatuation.

Ramen Noodle Baby Booties, available in all flavors

Not only is there a coin purse...

This is a check book cover

Sadly, as much as I like Ramen Noodles there was no item that I could get for myself that was made from the Ramen Noodle wrapper - I do not where purses, I do not have any little babies and I do not write checks - DAMN.

Other than Ramen Noodle they have plenty of other designs. here is another good one...

Well this is mostly for the ladies because they offer various styles of purses, but they do have other I tems like key chains, belts and tote bags. They also use just about every wrapper imaginable: Cheetos, Sprite, Disani, Doritos, Lays, Ruffles, Pepsi, Fanta Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Coca-Cola, Resses, and they do custom items too.

For the Holiday they are offering Christmas Stockings.
Looks like the recycled wrapper market is cornered.
So if your a candy wrapper enthusiest, or all about going green, then OhNoUDidntDesigns has you covered.

This definately is a business "dedicated to renewal, revival and of course RECYCLING!"

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DEAD. *coughsIwouldn'tmindthecondomcoinpurse thoughcough" LOL