True Story: Til you do right by me

So peep...

This was one cold snowy winter afternoon. I remember quite vividly. I was a new dad, my son was just a month or two and I was working "three job!", so I was very busy. On this particular day I had an appointment, so I had took my lunch break to make it. I was taking the city bus but I had NO CHANGE! - dont you hate that - I didnt even have any single dollars. The city bus should invest in taking debit and credit cards, I mean, every one else does.

Any way, since I needed change, and I knew the bus was coming soon, I went to the gas station that was like 10 feet from the bus stop. I took my $5 dollar bill and bought something for $1 dollar. The asian clerk/owner gave me a penny for change.
NOW, I had a delayed reaction...
Being in such a hurry I started out the door... I took one step out then it hits me...


It was a lady who was in line behind me, when I made the purchase, I waited 'til she was done. Then I explain to the clerk that I was just before this lady I gave you a $5 dollar bill and you gave me a penny in change for something that cost $1 dollar. First the guy starts saying, "you were not here", then he says, "why you wait", then he was like, "you guys do this all time".

I'm HEATED, you could fry an egg on my head like I was a Looney Toon.

I reach in my pocket and pull out my money. I had like $500 dollars. I'm like, "why would I need to steal $4 dollars from you!"
SO THAT WAS THE ONLY $5 I HAD! the rest was in 20's SO I'M EXRTA HEATED.
Arguing with the china man made me miss the bus, thus, miss my appointment.


So when I left the store I put the Karma Curse on him. Like Ceily from the color purple I told the china man, "til you do right by me..." ya'll know the rest.

So I actually worked across the street from this particular gas station and I made it my business to tell everyone of my customers and any one else who would listen...


Yup a boycott.

Slowly but Surely the gas station went out of business some 2 years later.

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