Twitter Trolling

I must say that, overall, I'm disappointed in twitter, but what can you really expect. Twitter found the very gray area between chat and message boards, with a social network site appeal. The only use I see for it is getting a chance to look at other peoples webpages, blogs and such.

Which brings me to my next "find", Orange Calderon(click), this individual has a blog on tumblr. Its not real heavy on content, or maybe I really didnt pay attention to the words after I seen her picture, which can be seen to the left, to the left.

Yeah, I'm a guy I cant help myself.

From the little I did read, I found she was an espiring fashion designer, who moved to LA from Houston; And is now at some LA Fashion School. In all seriousness, though, she does display an eye for fashion.

I'm no fashion designer but gold heel pumps, I know these are ladies envy. I do not know the name Orange called them "Lola"... SEXIE!!!

Pumps by Lego
well the real name is, "Balenciaga"
Beyonce Rocked them before
$4,175 a pair !

I hope they come with a warranty.

I cant let the masses sleep on the coochie coin purse, WHAT!

The best fashion symbolism ever, if you dont agree think about it, what's the best thing to invest money in?

http://www.etsy.com/ they have a Ramon Noodle coin purse too

Since I felt the need to add this photo, I guess I should educate as well. This is Leah McSweeney model for "Married to the MOB" clothing line.

AND that is one lucky starfish, squid or whatever it is.

So Check out Orangie Porangie...

If not check out one of these fashion designers


*all photos are from orangieporangiepuddingpie.tumblr.com (except beyonce)


A. Red said...

Dead @ the coochie coin purse. I just can't and won't. *clutches pearls*

Orange Calderon said...


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