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This is the $42-$50 MILLION dollar jet that the financial institution, CitiGroup, was looking to purchase. We all are aware of the bail out the banks got and these fools want to spend the bail out money, that they requested to save their corporation, on traveling in style. Besides CitiGroup already owning 5 private jets, and losing a reported $29 BILLION in just 15 months, they just did not see a need to cancel an order for such a luxary assest. Well our beloved, President Obama, caught wind of this and lit a fire to their corporate asses and they decided that maybe it would be better to not purchase the 'chick magnet' jet. Plus they have now decided to cut that private jet fleet of 5 down to 2. President Obama, where I'm from we would call that gangsta. I guess, the real question is...

Should the government be allowed to tell corporations how to spend money?

I say hell yeah, especially when they looked to the government for aid in the first place. We already seen how the stiffs over at AIG went on and have a spa retreat 1 week after they got bail out money. Also CitiGroup got into a pissing competition with Wellsfargo over which one of them would get to devour Wachovia bank, with the bail out money.

Usually, when money is borrowed you do not tell the person what to do with it, you only concern yourself with getting the money back. But let us not forget that the banks came to the government with their hands out claiming that it would be bad for America if they went belly up; And claiming that it would be good for the economy, thus, good for all Americans. The disappointing part is that people still can NOT get loans from banks but they can still give their executive raises, go get spa treatments, and buy $50 million dollar jets?

Hopefully Citigroup will be the last institution to have to be made an example of but I doubt it. These paupers of wealth are distitute of any sense of compassion for anything outside of their pockets and lavish living. These 'trout mouf bastids' exploitinted capitalism for their own selfish greed, which in turn has assasinated our economy and has our country in a current state of disarray. For some inhumanistic reason they remain in this dellusional state of mind, that the damage they have done entitles them to lifes greatest amenities - I dont think so...


(check out the details of the jet)

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