Are You a Non-Believer III

So wuttayano, I got response to my post Are you a Non-believe II, a post in response to a post titled, " My Atheism Is Not A Rejection Of Your God", which is a response to my original Are You a Non-Believer post. Basically I'm stating that atheist can not practice disbelief, so they resort to being indisposed about perpetual things, like the words "in God we trust" being on American currency.

This is what the non-believer had to say about my last post on the subject...

This guy has no idea what he's talking about. "In God We Trust" isn't
offensive because it's "distracting". It's offensive because it is our
government, which is supposed to represent everyone, basically saying "real
Americans believe in God". It relegates atheists to second-class status. How
many times have you heard someone (like, say, George Bush 41) say that atheists
aren't real patriots or real Americans because "this is one nation under God" or
try to claim that this is a Christian nation because it says right on your money
"In God We Trust"? I know I've heard arguments like that from a lot of people.
These supposedly benign examples of "ceremonial deism" actually do cause
problems for atheists, and they are real problems.

It's simply false to claim that atheists are trying to remove God from
everything or from everywhere. We're trying to get God out of our government
(yes, it's our government too). You would throw a fit if our government declared
"Allah is Great" (implying that Islam was true), so why would you have a problem
with atheists who don't think "In God We Trust" should be an official statement
from the government?

('this guy' refers to me)


Primarily, I find it strange that when making an argument one would dare use someone as sophomoric as George W. Bush. Personally, I have never heard of, or referred to, atheist as 'un-American' or 'not real patriots'. If anything I have heard of, or referred to, atheist as heathens, which by definition they are. Regardless of that, theoretically, America is a 'Christian Nation' because the founders were christian, and every president has professed a faith in Christianity. On that basic premise, we can say that we live in a christian nation - not because of print on pecuniary paper. What truly bothers me on this argument is that its never addressed, or seemingly realized, that despite the country being found on Christianity, they still saw it fit to separate church from state, in order not to impose, or require, others to practice their religion(but slaves were okay but I wont go there).

Are atheist aware that most countries only have one religion that allowed to be openly practiced?

If the words, 'In God We Trust' gets removed from money, then whats next? No prayer in public?

Yes, atheist are wanting to remove God from everything and everywhere. God is only in the government to the extent of the beliefs of the government officials. If it were anything else then atheist would probably be hung and drowned like witches were back in the 18th century. They claimed to be 'relegated as 2nd class' citizens? That seems strange, as I never heard of an atheist being beat, stabbed, shot or killed for their DISBELIEF.

Any way, Stop your pissing and moaning an atheist has a better shot of becoming president than a Muslim. The only reason the atheist would lose is because they would only be concerned about removing words from American currency and ridding government establishments of religious facets. ~ LMAO!

In all seriousness, since you want to use American Presidents as examples, then use our current one, President Obama, as an example too. I recall in his inauguration speech that he called everyone, including, and I quote, "NON-BELIEVERS" as Americans, all equal. Despite that he still continued to display and profess HIS belief, while not spiting another belief, or dis-belief...

and he does the same here when he speaks at this prayer breakfast...
(Its ok to watch this atheist. No one prays during this clip and God is only mentioned once.)

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