Baseball player hits his mom

This was a freak accident. Out of all the people who were at the game, the ball hit by Minnesota Twins Outfielder Denard Span, found its way to his mother.

Minnesota Twins leadoff man Denard Span hit a hard foul ball that struck his mom in the chest during Wednesday's game. She was treated by paramedics and back in the stands minutes later.

"My mom is feeling ok right now!" Span later posted on his Twitter account.

Wanda Wilson was wearing a Span jersey and sitting with about 20 family members and friends near the third-base dugout. Span took a defensive swing in the first inning and sent a liner into the low box seats, hitting her near the shoulder.
A stunned Span sprinted into the stands and stayed with his mother while she got treatment. The split-squad game against the New York Yankees was delayed for a few minutes as she walked to first aid, and the Twins said she was sore but OK.

"What the odds of that happening?" Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson said. "I've never seen it before. It's crazy. I'm standing there right next to it and I heard it and it's just, 'Oh no!, that didn't sound good.' She's on the ground and I'm saying, 'Please don't be the head or something' because it sounded so ugly." (source)


Mixtape Monday: R. Kelly

I definately will not do this regularly. There are WAY too many mixtapes, WAY too many versions of the same mixtape, & takes WAY too much time to find something that hasn't already been played out.

Last Saturday I did have a strong desire for some new music, so I spent WAY too many hours listening and looking at mixtapes. I nabbed this one after listening to snippets of about 3 songs and they all sounded different and like something fresh. Thus this weekend I listened more scrupulously and was satisfied. There is only one EARsore on the mixtape Ja Rule is horrible - SMDH. What I like is the range of style displayed - there are some popish songs, some clubby songs, some crossover types songs and of course the R & B THUG - which leads to my personal favorite, shown below...

Here is the track listing

1.Put Some Money On It Ft. Rick Ross
2.Suppa Stunnas Ft. Gotti
5.Miss Chocolate Ft. Lil Jon & Mario
6.I Believe (Scott Storch rmx)
7.Trouble Man (Tapemaster Inc. Exclusive)
8.One Day On Earth
9.Speakin My Language

Word of the Week: Scrupulous

Scrupulous - having a strict regard for what one considers right; principled

In order to achieve moral success one must be scrupulous in their everyday life.


IMO: Teacher orders students to punch another


Yeah this pic is here solely for shock value but check out the video.

All I want to say is this must be 1 bad ass lil boy. He looked bad ass hell too, I mean, why he have a microphone
& aint sayin nothin? Obviously this is what all this new age "kids just need a hug" crap. This is the second teacher to basically say 'fuck it, hit the lil bastard back'; And this second teacher probably was given lil Davarius as a 'special project'. Parents are getting horrible too! I bet lil Davarius be kickin his poor misguided mother ass! No doubt this lady knows that her son came from the seamen of satan. She does not have control over the boy and the school is just suppose to let him do whatever? He obviously has not been receiving proper discipline at home.

Now the teacher over did it. You had to let the whole school van give lil Davarious a mouth shot? The truly bothersome thing about this story is that the parent would rather call the news & have the school closed than focus on the real issue - her son's behavior.

But hey that just my opinion....

Seen on my local news and on Culturemap.com


Word of the Week: Affinity

Affinity - natural liking or attraction to a person place or thing

Since I was young I've always had an affinity for playing music

<a href="http://dafonzarelli.bandcamp.com/album/dafonzarellis-bounce-pop-music">Hip Pop by Dafonzarelli</a>


IMO: Tales of the F-List

Apparently posting the grades of students is a violation of their privacy?

They wonder why the education system is failing. Y'know I recall back in middle school their was an honor roll list and if you had a grade point average of 2.75 & above you would get put on that list. I also recall that if we were not on that list we could not go to the dance. Now we were no dummies, if we did not see your name on the list we knew you were failing - or barely a "C" average student. The situation in the video is basically the same thing. Of course, the difference being that the failing students are listed; But the other major difference is that AT LEAST theses students know ahead of time and can improve their grades, in order to attend the dance.

If posting the failing students is a violation of right, isn't posting the honor students a violation too?

I mean, Mr. 4.0 every semester is the school geek and gets ridiculed for that just like the school dummy would be ridiculed. I know the jury is still out on the "-20% LOSER grade" but this is a whole new ball game. If you are humiliated by being on that list then you DO still have time to improve your grade. I could see reason to be a worried parent if it was posted that your child FAILED a semester but this list merely stated they are on the failing path.

I can not believe this is even national news. I commend Principal Dave Schoepke, he is giving the students time to improve in order to receive the incentive of the school dance. He is being proactive and not just letting the chips fall were they lay. This parent, who obviously is not involved in their child learning, is complaining because they failed as a parent. Imjussayin, if my child came to me crying because they were on the "F-list" I'd say, "then get an 'A', hell get a 'D' & then you will not be on that list". If my child was failing I would not call CNN, I'd call Sylvan Learnig Center, or a tutor, or someone who could improve the grade and help the child. It seems that our society never gets past pacifying.

How can you be more concerned about your child being humiliated, or their popularity, over the FACT they they are obviously failing and suck in school?

But hey that's just my opinion....

I recommend that parent playing this song for his child...


Word of the Week: Impetuous


Definition: of, pertaining to, or characterized by sudden or rash action, emotion; impulsive: characterized by undue haste and lack of thought

Sentence: Planning, organizing and good judgement will prevent you from making impetuous decisions.


IMO: 3 yr old left at Birthday Party

This was the 3 yr old boy's Birthday Party by the way.

What went wrong here?

Based on this statement,
“The mother had apparently called the father Sunday and asked if he had the 3-year-old. He said, ‘I don't have him.' She calls the grandmother and she said she didn't have him. She does nothing.”
Here's what I'm thinking...

The parents, who are not together, each told the other one to take the lil boy cuz they both had other plans for that night. The mother probably was like, "nah this nigga takin his baby this weekend" and just left, thinking that would force the dad to take him. The lil boy was like, "Mommy said I'm going with you daddy". The father no doubt had his other woman with him and said, "not this weekend son wait for your mom" - not knowing she already tipped out. I'm going to go on a limb in thinking the mother is probably notorious for trying to leave the lil boy with someone - I mean, she did wait like 2 days before calling the police. The father should have just taken the boy with him, he knows the mother ain't shit. Then again, he didn't take the lil boy either so he ain't shit either.

But hey that just my opinion....

On another note, how didn't any of the other parents notice?

seen on HipHopWired


Teacher gives student a -20% "for being a loser"

Yup Laugh it up...


Sorry, I couldn't help myself, this is comical on so many levels. First off, a MINUS 20%? I mean, c'mon you can't possible score below zero. Then the LOSER part *DEAD*

Ok, so now that we are past the headline and got our giggles out we can really analyze this. Personally, the sensitivity of this issue would lie in the age of the student. For example, a teenager/high school student this would definitely be a character building moment. If you got that far along in the education system but turn in work where you don not get a single answer right? That would be loser-esque. Hey, the student may not be a loser but they would be on the loser path FOR SURE.

In actuality though that is not the case. This was handed out to a 6th grade student, probably age 11. To me this would warrant anger from the parent. At that age you are still fairly early in the learning process. Labeling a child a loser could be quite damaging especially coming from a teacher - whom children should look up to. In the video it is stated that the teacher has a method of teaching that is a way for him to better relate to the students. It is also stated that many other parents supports this method of teaching, though they did not want to go on camera stating that.

There is definitely more than meets the eye to this story. Nonetheless the angered parent could simply request their child be placed in a class with a different teacher - she probably did not do that because all the other parents and student say this teacher is great. It is also possible that the school and town are so small that there is only 1 teacher for that grade and subject - thus the only option. This is not the first student that this teacher has graded a "loser" and could possibly just be the case of an overzealous parent who need to find a tutor for their child.

But hey that just my opinion....


Raymond vs Raymond


Usher has a new album, titled "Raymond vs Raymond", to be released on March 30th. I hope that does not really happen because I think it will be career suicide for him. I do recall that earlier this year, amongst other things, he had a laptop of unreleashed songs stolen from his car. So I'm hoping he pulls an 8701 with this album. Remember that album was pushed back and later released on 8/7/01 back in 2001. Ushers last album "Here I stand" did not do very well at all, like his leading single, selling copies of that CD was like "Moving Mountains". Currently there has to be at least 10 songs leaked from this forthcoming album, which would be over half an album! I have a few of those songs posted below, most are featuring another artist. In fact I have only come across 2 leaked songs that did not feature another artist, he might as welled names the album "Usher featuring...", better yet "Featuring Usher" and only do hooks and ad-lib's.


rename the album 8710

Usher Ft. Nikki Minaj - Lil' Freak

Usher - Foolin' Around

Usher - There Goes My Baby

Usher Ft. Ludacris - She Dont Know

Usher Ft. T.I - Guilty

Usher Ft. Will.I.Am - OMG


It jus doesnt add up


So what do you get when you cross a hockey bag, a Haitian and an SUV crossing the Canadian boarder into the United States?


Two Virginia sisters... are in jail after allegedly trying to smuggle a Haitian man inside a hockey bag into the U.S. The Haitian lover man, was to be deported back in 2006 but fled to Canada. So loveless in VA coaxed her sister into traveling to Canada to smuggle her Haitian Mandingo Warrior back to Virginia, IN A HOCKEY BAG! - so they could get married. I checked and the largest hockey bag is a lil under 4 ft long, 2 ft tall & 2 ft wide, so that could not have been the most comfortable accommodations for the Haitian play boy. I'm pretty sure when the Canadian boarder patrol guy looked at their luggage he noticed the hocket bag looked like it had oddly shaped equipment in their. Plus isn't Canada like the birthplace of Hockey? He knew those brawds weren't on the Olympic team!

They would have had better luck rolling him up in a rug

Story seen on Canoe.ca


Word of the Week: Ostentatious

OSTENTATIOUS - an apparent show in attempt to impress others; intended to attract notice

Lady Gaga is always most ostentatious on the red carpet.





Apparently, some women, who were desperate for that onion booty, let some dingbat doctor inject plumbing caulk in their ass. NO GOOD! When will women realize the most enjoyable thing about a big booty is watchin it walk away, at least it is for me.

Watch Video!

video seen on DrunkenStepfather.com


Hurricane Season?


Forest Whitaker is upset that his star studded film - which co-stars Lil' Wayne, Bow Wow, Isaiah Washington, Taraji P. Henson and Michael Gaston - went straight to video and didn't get a chance at the theaters.

What is the movie about?

Hurricane Season, is a film based on the inspirational story of a New Orleans high school basketball coach whose team of cast-off kids wins the state championship.

Well Ummm...

NOT ANOTHER BASKEBALL MOVIE! Ha Haaa, the plot is always the same. The team either use to suck or are misfits of some type who end up winning the big game. I'm just saying, the movie is probably fantastic but these movies don't do well unless they are overtly promoted i.e. Coach Carter. Plus Coach Carter played to their audience and threw in a solid soundtrack album to further help with promoting the movie, which was great by the way. Okay, actually I never watched Coach Carter because I'M TIRED OF BASKETBALL MOVIES!!


Word Of the Week: Inhibition

Inhibition - something that restrains; unfitting suppression of behavior often due to guilt or fear produced by past suffering

Sentence: Once your mind is free of its INHIBITIONS you will be free.