IMO: 3 yr old left at Birthday Party

This was the 3 yr old boy's Birthday Party by the way.

What went wrong here?

Based on this statement,
“The mother had apparently called the father Sunday and asked if he had the 3-year-old. He said, ‘I don't have him.' She calls the grandmother and she said she didn't have him. She does nothing.”
Here's what I'm thinking...

The parents, who are not together, each told the other one to take the lil boy cuz they both had other plans for that night. The mother probably was like, "nah this nigga takin his baby this weekend" and just left, thinking that would force the dad to take him. The lil boy was like, "Mommy said I'm going with you daddy". The father no doubt had his other woman with him and said, "not this weekend son wait for your mom" - not knowing she already tipped out. I'm going to go on a limb in thinking the mother is probably notorious for trying to leave the lil boy with someone - I mean, she did wait like 2 days before calling the police. The father should have just taken the boy with him, he knows the mother ain't shit. Then again, he didn't take the lil boy either so he ain't shit either.

But hey that just my opinion....

On another note, how didn't any of the other parents notice?

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