IMO: Tales of the F-List

Apparently posting the grades of students is a violation of their privacy?

They wonder why the education system is failing. Y'know I recall back in middle school their was an honor roll list and if you had a grade point average of 2.75 & above you would get put on that list. I also recall that if we were not on that list we could not go to the dance. Now we were no dummies, if we did not see your name on the list we knew you were failing - or barely a "C" average student. The situation in the video is basically the same thing. Of course, the difference being that the failing students are listed; But the other major difference is that AT LEAST theses students know ahead of time and can improve their grades, in order to attend the dance.

If posting the failing students is a violation of right, isn't posting the honor students a violation too?

I mean, Mr. 4.0 every semester is the school geek and gets ridiculed for that just like the school dummy would be ridiculed. I know the jury is still out on the "-20% LOSER grade" but this is a whole new ball game. If you are humiliated by being on that list then you DO still have time to improve your grade. I could see reason to be a worried parent if it was posted that your child FAILED a semester but this list merely stated they are on the failing path.

I can not believe this is even national news. I commend Principal Dave Schoepke, he is giving the students time to improve in order to receive the incentive of the school dance. He is being proactive and not just letting the chips fall were they lay. This parent, who obviously is not involved in their child learning, is complaining because they failed as a parent. Imjussayin, if my child came to me crying because they were on the "F-list" I'd say, "then get an 'A', hell get a 'D' & then you will not be on that list". If my child was failing I would not call CNN, I'd call Sylvan Learnig Center, or a tutor, or someone who could improve the grade and help the child. It seems that our society never gets past pacifying.

How can you be more concerned about your child being humiliated, or their popularity, over the FACT they they are obviously failing and suck in school?

But hey that's just my opinion....

I recommend that parent playing this song for his child...


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