IMO: Teacher orders students to punch another


Yeah this pic is here solely for shock value but check out the video.

All I want to say is this must be 1 bad ass lil boy. He looked bad ass hell too, I mean, why he have a microphone
& aint sayin nothin? Obviously this is what all this new age "kids just need a hug" crap. This is the second teacher to basically say 'fuck it, hit the lil bastard back'; And this second teacher probably was given lil Davarius as a 'special project'. Parents are getting horrible too! I bet lil Davarius be kickin his poor misguided mother ass! No doubt this lady knows that her son came from the seamen of satan. She does not have control over the boy and the school is just suppose to let him do whatever? He obviously has not been receiving proper discipline at home.

Now the teacher over did it. You had to let the whole school van give lil Davarious a mouth shot? The truly bothersome thing about this story is that the parent would rather call the news & have the school closed than focus on the real issue - her son's behavior.

But hey that just my opinion....

Seen on my local news and on Culturemap.com

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