Be Ware of Slayers

I just read a blog from my good friend, @Asmith86, called Dream Slayers , which was about sharing one's dreams with others. When you share a dream with another person only one of two things can happen; That person can support that dream or slay the dream. In short the blog post was about how one may handle not being a dream slayer. Furthermore, that one could support the dreamer and not slay the dream.
"...As a dreamer, you understand that when you share your dream you just want some support to have the dream. Not necessarily support to achieve it."
Now, I wholeheartedly agree with Asmith, and the above quote from her post, but the adverse criticism will be my focus.

When you share your aspirations with someone you create a moment of vulnerability. Wheather you just felt compelled to share your aspirations, or if you were asked to share, that person knows you are seeking affirmation. Dreams are slayed for many reasons. From my experience, one generally does not receive that necessary support due to the aptitude of the person of whom you seek that affirmation. What I'm saying is some people are just slayers. Slayers will never support the dream...
 "If they don't try to beat you to it, they'll try to keep you from it."
It's nothing to throw in a supportive anicdote, especially if a person feels confortable enough to create that vulnerability with you. A simple, "you would be good at that" or a general, "that sounds good", would suffice the dreamer. Support of the dream can also lead to a more positive conversation or experience with that person.

Be wary of the slayer, the affirmations you seek will never be found.