And You Know Thissss


This is the $42-$50 MILLION dollar jet that the financial institution, CitiGroup, was looking to purchase. We all are aware of the bail out the banks got and these fools want to spend the bail out money, that they requested to save their corporation, on traveling in style. Besides CitiGroup already owning 5 private jets, and losing a reported $29 BILLION in just 15 months, they just did not see a need to cancel an order for such a luxary assest. Well our beloved, President Obama, caught wind of this and lit a fire to their corporate asses and they decided that maybe it would be better to not purchase the 'chick magnet' jet. Plus they have now decided to cut that private jet fleet of 5 down to 2. President Obama, where I'm from we would call that gangsta. I guess, the real question is...

Should the government be allowed to tell corporations how to spend money?

I say hell yeah, especially when they looked to the government for aid in the first place. We already seen how the stiffs over at AIG went on and have a spa retreat 1 week after they got bail out money. Also CitiGroup got into a pissing competition with Wellsfargo over which one of them would get to devour Wachovia bank, with the bail out money.

Usually, when money is borrowed you do not tell the person what to do with it, you only concern yourself with getting the money back. But let us not forget that the banks came to the government with their hands out claiming that it would be bad for America if they went belly up; And claiming that it would be good for the economy, thus, good for all Americans. The disappointing part is that people still can NOT get loans from banks but they can still give their executive raises, go get spa treatments, and buy $50 million dollar jets?

Hopefully Citigroup will be the last institution to have to be made an example of but I doubt it. These paupers of wealth are distitute of any sense of compassion for anything outside of their pockets and lavish living. These 'trout mouf bastids' exploitinted capitalism for their own selfish greed, which in turn has assasinated our economy and has our country in a current state of disarray. For some inhumanistic reason they remain in this dellusional state of mind, that the damage they have done entitles them to lifes greatest amenities - I dont think so...


(check out the details of the jet)

Poppin' Tags... Ahhhhhhh

Aight, I was blog hoppin and seen some tags the needed poppin'
(wait 'til my rap carrer gets poppin)

So first I seen this on Martini & Scotch- Serving Shots and Hard News this a blogging by, no other than, Ms. Martini herself, an acquaintence of mines and I just want to thank her for providing info on Lil Kim being salty at her 'unsavory' portrayal in the Notorious B.I.G. Movie, that helped me come up with this weeks Word of the Week: Solacious.

She seen this on The Goodie Bag˙·٠•♪♥ Eff A Num.2 Pencil...I Check My Own Test ♥♪•٠·˙ a blog by Odara the Innanet goddess, at least thats what I call her. She's the Afro-dye-tees of blogging and will have you Cyber Screwed(Uh-Yay-EE).

She saw it on Fly Honey, who I really have no connection to, only about 3 degrees of seperation between us - But I did see her on Blogadelphia and apparently she loves to knit?

I also peeped this on I Am One Ten, my midwest homie in 'Tha D'. Yeah, he got me looking at the HTC Touch Pro, at least until I seen the price tag... I got kids mane! $500 and no sucky sucky with that? (Ok I'm still going to get one)

Anyway, OneTen tagged these 2 Ditzy Broads, randomness for just about every day of the work week, from Why Wednesday to Eff It Friday... yeah thats only a 3 day span, the ditziness kinda rubs off.

lets get the thang started

4 Things I'm Passionate about
  • My Music - those that dont know I am a musician
  • My Chil'en - I have a boy and a girl that I put on 4
  • My Art - I'm an artist too
  • My Money - you cant live off love

4 Words or Phrases I Use Often

  • aint this uh bout uh B*tch
  • I don giva F*ck
  • Alrighty Then
  • four 100's, eight 50's and ten 20's

4 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

  • Impregnant Halle Berry - I dont care if she 50 I can still try
  • sell an expensive painting
  • make love making money making music
  • see a black president, oops, well 1 down 3 to go

4 Things I Have Learned From the Past

  • never accept checks
  • crawl before you walk
  • look deep before you leap
  • good things come to those who wait

4 Places I Want to See or Visit

  • Amsterdam
  • Virgin Islands
  • Brazil
  • Amsterdam again

4 Favorite Restaurants

  • Red Lobster
  • The Rock Bottom
  • Hooters
  • any place I know someone that will let me eat for free or cheap

4 Things that Happened Yesterday

  • worked 12hrs
  • blogged
  • still found time to spend like $200
  • went to sleep

I would tag some people but I'm not


A.Red over on WatchYourSetup.com and congrats on doing her first Vlog and one the 1,000 something milestone.

Sane holding it down on WORD IZZ even if you dont like it I rock a shag (not really)

Oh Yeah, and God and My Momma...

Now back to what I do


My President is Black II (read this $H!T)

Let me first say I'm not the news and I'm not trying to bring you anything new. This is just my opinion on certain things that I hear or read about.

Ok, so last week my tout about 'my president is black' seemingly got overlooked. Maybe because its an effervescently over used shibboleth now that people are growing tired of hearing (and now i'm using big words). BUT ITS NOT GOING TO GO ANY WHERE. Simply put, ITS TRUE. As much as it should not matter, it does. As much as 'politically incorrect' it may be, it is NOT. As much as it annoys you/us/them to hear it and see it, its just as ambiguous. The 'my president is black' statement's ambiguity(an unclear expression) is tied to that fact that its perceived by most to mean something that it really does not mean. The best example is the song 'My President is black'. I dont care for the song, though I understand it.

Just listen to the hook... 'my president is black/my lambo blue/and I'll be got damn if my rims aint too/momma aint at home/ and my daddy still in jail/ i'm tryna make a plate anybody seen the scale'

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, the president is black but the laws are still the same, the politricks are the same, the poverty and drug infestation of black neighborhoods are still the same. So while we are celebratory in President Obamas feat that we helped him to accomplish, that does not YET change the position that the 'black community' is in.

The real reason I'm doing a part II

There seems to be quite a few ridiculous claims made about this phrase, the most preposterous being the labeling of the song, 'My President is Black' (the remix by rapper Jay-Z), as racist.

The lyrics go...

my president is black
in fact he's half white
so even in a racists mind he's half bright
so if you got a racist mind you'll be alright
my president is black but his house is all white

So far not racism... maybe calling Obama half white is racist?

More lyrics...

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walk so Barack
Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
so imma spread my wings you can meet me inda sky

Still no racism, actually quite inspirational and uplifting...

Lets continue on...

already got my own clothes
already got my own shoes
I was hot before Barack imagine what i'm gone do
hello miss America hey pretty lady
red white and blue flag wave for me baby
never though I'd say this sh*t baby I'm good
you can keep ya puss I dont need no more Bush
no more war
no more Iraq
no more white lies
my president is black

hmm... maybe they mistook the word flag for fag? Even so that is still not racist.

They want us to stop saying 'My President is Black' because now Martin Luther Kings dream, of one day people being judge by the content of their character and not the color of there skin, is supposedly fulfilled?

At the same time they want full acknowledgment of his white half (to make it OK to them). This seems like double talk, well it is double talk and a double standard.

Fact is, people are still judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Disregarding the FACT that the president is black is not going to do anything as far as racism in America. That can only be hampered by our actions more over our words, especially words in a silly rap song or from an off color radio show.

We will continue to say our president is black because the Historical American Assumption has made it so. We are going to continue using the shibboleth my president is black. Not because we are racist or want race to perpetually continue to divide our country; But to remind OUR president, continually, that WE got him elected into his position of power and that We are proud that it is him and that WE are behind him 100%.

Besides that we claim him. Even if President Obama wanted to be called white he couldnt be, even though he looks middle eastern, he's not. So dont get mad that my president is black.

I'm only sharing the videos because I think its funny as hell to hear theses fools have to say the rappers names and speak slower than the usually do and pause a little more than usual - I wonder why?(not really)

(this is the video where the call the song racist. yeah you probably seen it already)

(barack the magic negro song? - yeah you probably heard it already)

Word of the Week: Salacious


Definistion - lustful or lecherous(erotically suggestive; inciting to lust).

Sentence - Rapper, Lil Kim, was dismayed by the salacious portrayal of her in the Notorious B.I.G. Movie.

(enjoy the salacious photos of Lil Kim)


AinThissaBowda: Obama Ked


This is ridiculous. Obama shoes?
And not the equivilent to the Air Jordan
OR an Air Force One
OR a more fitting Steve Maden
OR even better a Stacy Adams type of shoe.
A $15 - $30 value.
Oh but throw Obama on there and the price MORE THAN DOUBLES to a $60 - $70 value?!?! Who in the hell is going to pay $70 for a shoe you can buy at famill dollar.
I can see it now. Nurses, RN's and LPN's all over the country are going to be rocking Obama Keds


Whats next?

Payless brings back Prowings or the XJ900

Nah, not even Obama's face can help those shoes

I understand, and appreciate, that we have an Iconic figure for a president but this is teetering between insane and 'We Todd Did'. I know Obama wants to boost the economy, but I'm pretty sure he did NOT mean using his face on boot leg items by inflating prices of generic brands. Then again the official Obama hats and sweaters cost $35 dollars - ALL ABOARD THE OBAMA WAGON!

My President is Black

It still befuddles me when the subject of President Obamas race is mentioned. It also bothered me during the election, when it was assumed that black people were just automatically going to vote for him. Black folk know this not to be true. Regardless of the state of 'the black community' we still take pride in who represents us as a whole. I mean, if Jessie Jackson ran he would not have had any where near as much support of the black vote as Obama did; And in 2004 Al Sharpton could not even get 50% of the black vote. I'm just going to 'let the cat out of the bag' here because I know what I was thinking was shared by many others in the black community.


Now we do have a lighter skinned brother who's held high political office in Colin Powell, BUT Powell is from the Bronx, we didnt even know Obama. We might have seen him during the 2004 democratic convention, we may have seen him on the cover of 'Newsweek Magazine' back then, and we may have known about him beating out black republican, Randolph Keys, for the Illinois senate seat. WE MAY HAVE known those things. Since we really do not care for politics and politicians, until after they have done US some good, we probably DID NOT know those things. I remember the first time I seen Obama I was like, 'they let an arab become a politician, is he related to Bin Laden?'

Yes, Obama was gracing magazine covers back in 2004, right after he won the Illinois senate seat.

During the early stages of the democratic primaries the black vote was held by Hilary Clinton. As time progressed and we seen, and heard, more of, and from, Obama and embraced he message, then did his support from our community rise. Even before that, though, we still questioned.


We were like, Barack? What is that? and Obama? Is he Moose-lam? Is he even a citizen?

As much a people perceived that we(black folk) were just going to profess our undying support for the brownest or, in Obama's case, the Beige-est candidate, just shows how much 'out of touch' they out with us. We know thats nothing more than an EXCUSE that racist and republican used, to justify being behind in the polls. Seems like a case of amnesia set in. They forgot how hard Obama worked to get our support because the republicans never gave a damn about our vote in the first place - especially since Bush showed them how to 'nullify' it. It can be said that he willingness to go into our neighborhoods and talk to us contributed heavily to him being president NOW. Had he not done that, he woud not have even made it out of the primaries, so respects his genius of that fact.

Nonetheless, the question of weather he was black enough was answered by the many times he appealed to the issues of black people, or should I say poor unprivileged black people. Most people, outside of the impoverished black community, thought black enough had something to do with bloodlines and culture. Again, there was a failure to realize that as long as he's not pale, his hair is a little kinky and he speaks english with no foreign accent - HE IS BLACK TO US.

Lets just 'hit the nail on the head', if it were not for the historical American assumption, that white only means pale skinned and straight hair; And, lets face it, if it was not SO FREAKIN' COOL to be black, then maybe Obama would prefer to be called white. Better yet, if that same historical American assumtion did not pin so many negative connotations to people who are not 'fair-skinned' then it would not matter at all. Since it does...



Tales from the hood: Happily Ever After


It was the summer of 1999. Back home, in Milwaukee, for some crazy reason they decided to have a concert in the heart of the ghetto at Washington Park(click for and Idea of park). This park use to be a zoo back in the 1900's, when there was electric streetcars. SO the stage area that was use was not designed for admission pay. I mean, any other day we would be on that stage and playing over there like it was the swing set or basketball court - the crowd section was the size of a football field. So, they had put up 10 ft fencing around the stage to make sure people would pay to get in.


We from the hood, in our hood, and like I said, we use that area like the rest of the park; And a fence? We climb fences for fun, when there is nothing else to do. Remember the area is the size of a football field, so there was no amount of security or police to cover the whole fence. Plus people was sneeking right past the ticket booth anyway.

Now I do not remember all the acts that were there that day but I do remeber that Case was the headlining act and thats who everyone came to see. I was able to hop the fence with 4 resident hood rats and we were pretty much front row. Now that I think about it Case was low budget as hell. He didnt even have any musicians with him, all he had was two dancers and a microphone.


Word of the Week: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since its Martin Luther King Day, there is no mystery on who this word or the week will pertain to. Also Dr. King can not be summed up in just one word or sentence, so i have a few word and will use then in a short paragraph.

Halcyon - calm; peaceful; tranquil:

Bucolical - of or pertaining to shepherds; pastoral.

Ecclesiastical - of or pertaining to a member of the clergy or other person in religious orders.

Martyr - a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause:

Since Reverand Martlin Luther King, Jr., there has not been any one, in America, of eccesiastical backgroung to move this nation. His bucolical aura abled him to lead fellow people of color to join him in civil right activism. During the late 1950's and the 1960's, Dr. King was hacylon in his efforts to fight segregation by using methods of boycotys, sit-ins, rallies and marches. Ultimately, On April 4th, 1968, his assasination made him a martyr for racial equality in America.


Word of the Week: Perseverant


Definition - Enduring; persistent.

Sentence - Al Franken was most perseverant during the Minnesota senate race.


Are you a Non-Believer II?

I did a post called, Are you a Non-Believer? a couple of months ago. That version does not really give you the detail to which piece was formed. It was actually a response to an atheist, who was ranting about having "In God We Trust" removed from currency. I edited to make it more broad but it was originally like this....

Thats the problem with non-believers. They think that best thing is to erradicate God from everything so that it will not be on their psyche, thus no longer perpetuating their conscious carnal minds from being confronted with the question of, "is there really a God?" If you are so staunch in your disbelief, why does it have to be "out of sight out of mind?" Non-believers, hate God because they can not escape the possibility of HIS existance. Therefore they are never really firm in their own disbelief because, if they were, they would not equate words on monetary pieces of paper to effect their DISBELIEF. Non-believers, are usually not FOR anything, just against everything connected to their disbelief. True believers are not mad or upset by people who choose not to believe and it does not distract them from their beleif.


I refrained from using the term atheist but now some 2 months later I get a response. My Atheism Is Not A Rejection Of Your God, its rather long so I have an excerpt...

First and foremost it is a disbelief in a spirit-creator being who rules the universe. The idea and belief that there exists an unseen, cognitive, non-corporal, non-corporeal being that either intercedes in human affairs or abstains, is a neural process which does not operate in my mind. Efforts throughout my life to 'feel the holy spirit' or obtain this 'truth' as the faithful call it, have proven themselves to be frivolous. Though at one time many a concerted effort were made on my part to believe in and rationalize the god-being in which so many seem to have 'faith', it became evident I was not capable.

So, while you may see my disbelief as a rejection of your god, or a denial of
what I 'know' in my heart, neither is true...

Efforts to keep government secular and free of proselytization for god, whether specific or ambiguous, are not a display of hatred for your deity, merely they meant to demand an adherence to the constitution and require that the government remain neutral in the matters of faith. A display of a nativity, a menorah or any other religious symbol on, in or around a taxpayer funded government building or land by default endorses one or some faiths over others or none, immediately negating constitutional demanded neutrality.

First of all, there are a bevy of inconsistancies here, foremost being the title itself. An athiest is a person who disbelieves the existance of supreme being; And disbelief means you reject something as being true. Nonetheless, my real problem is with the latter of the statement. Why does atheist always run this seperation of church and state crap?

Can you practice disbelief?

It seems simple, if you disbelieve in something just deny it, refuse to acknowledge it and move on. But, NO, not atheist. I mean, if you disbelieved it was cold outside, you'd refuse to wear a jacket and go about you mary little way. Would you go around telling every one with a jacket on to take it off and not believe its cold? This is essentially what atheist do. They see "In God We Trust" on a dollar bill and equate that to meaning the government is forcing God on them. They walk into a government building and see a cross or a painting of Jesus or Saint Mary and think that corresponds to their constitutional rights being infringed upon. Thus, inciting the aesthetic of their corporal, or corporeal, animus.


Atheist are the only people who want to put a disbelief into practice. They are no better than the religions they balk at, except they use the consituition instead of the bible. Don't get me wrong, if you choose atheism, or not to believe in God, thats your business. But it becomes DENIAL when you can not even bare the sight of a crucifix. Its DENIAL when you cringe because a group of people say "one nation under God". Its DENIAL when you see those things as an attempt to proselyte you. Fact is, the mere sight of a religious artifact is not attempt to "win your soul" - its a display of ones beleif.

Just as believers have to accept the 'practices' of an atheist disbelief, they to have to accept the practices of the believers.


AinThissaBowda: Bailout

You have to be kidding me... You gotta be joking... You gotsta be trippin'

All Americans, Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, and Joe Francis, CEO of Girls Gone Wild, are Requesting a federal Bail OUT!


Statement from Mr. Flynt: "People are too depressed to be sexually active... This is very unhealthy as a nation... Americans can do without cars and such but they cannot do without sex... With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind. It's time for congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America. The only way they can do this is by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly."

And this fool IS serious. Though, I may agree with his view on feeding a sexual appetite, I TOTALLY disagree that the answer is to give a crippled pervert a Billion Dollars.

Larry Flynt

OR even worse to give a convicted pervert, who just got out of jail recently, and who is currently awaiting federal trial for tax evasion, a Billion Dollars - wonder what he'll do with the money?

Joe Fancis

Lets be honest, this aint even news; But these two are right. Porn, I mean, the Adult Entertainment Industry, is just as American as thieving banks, predatory financial lenders, unenvironmental auto makers, and APPLE PIE. If your looking for a "stimulated package" they can deliver. Imagine how much more employment oppotunities would become available for people like...

The Flavor of Love Girls

The Rock of Love Girls

Rap Video Hoes

The Banks and Financial Institutions were bailed out to lossen credit; And the Auto Industry was bailed out because they suck.

Why not offer they same deal to the industry that known for being loose and sucking?



And You Know Thissss

Recently, its just been uncovered that our favorite patsy, Sarah Palin, daughter's, Bristol, BABY DADDY, Levi Johnson, quit his job at an Alaskan Oil Field because of his ineligibility to work there.
Confusing? Let me clarify...
This is Sarah and Bristol

This is Bristol and her baby daddy Levi

Straight? So, why should we give a damn? Let me tell you why...

This is the same Alaskan oil field that Palin's husband and Levi's father works. More importantly is the reason why Levi thought it would be a good job to quit. It just so happens that its required that you one must poses a high school diploma in order to be hired for that job. Levi AND Bristol have NO high school diploma. Though, its a little understandable why Bristol is not there yet, due to her pregnancy, but the same can not be said for her baby daddy. Last week Palin sought face time with the media to speak on those educational matters. Stating that Levi is working as an electrical apprentice, which also requires a high school diploma. Of course, the big question is, weather Gov. Palin used her powers to get her daughters baby daddy this gig.

Again, who cares?

Rednecks, heathens, trailer park trash, and ghetto birds, all over our great country do this all the time. All over America there are high school dropouts having sex, making babies, daddy gets them a job, baby momma parents get them a job, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

But lets put it in perspective...

Bill Clinton was almost impeached for receiving a blow job. ALL OVER AMERICA, men are getting their knobs slobbed and skeet skeetin' on hookers clothes. Right now, as I write and as you read, some one in american is getting some head. Right now, at this very moment, some prostitute, housewife, secretary, slut, scally wag, homosexual, and/or cashier at Micky DeeZ, is getting ejaculated on.

So why try to impeach a president for that?

I'll tell ya why, because those of higher offices are held to a higher standard of ethics. Thats goes for Gov. Palin as well. Just because your up near the polar ice caps becoming more pale and freezing your arse off, does NOT mean that those same high standards are frozen, and pasty pale, as well.

Now I can't blame Gov. Palin, really. What mother , in the right mind, would want there grandchild to have a dead beat, high school dropout, unemployed father; Or their daughter to have an umemployed, ignorant, Alaskan hockey player, for a baby daddy, slash, future husband. I can't blame her for that.

Gov. Palin MUST understand that we are in an instant, microwave information age, full of nosey, gossiping, grandiloquient individuals, who will E-mail, instant message, message board, and tweet, you personal business faster than you can say, "gee golly you bectcha".






Miseducation 101: Yezzir (yes sir)

Let me appologize in advance because I know yall like this term but simply put its WE TODD DID. For example...

Me: you goin to the club tonight?

You: yezzir

Me: you gone get bubbly?

You: yessir

Me: so bubbly you go home with a stranger and wake up naked next to they fish tank?

You: yessi... wait a minute


YES, you sound WE TODD DID. I tried using the term but it gave me that "special" feeling and I aint talkin' 'bout love. I couldn't even get it right. Every time I said it I felt the need to position my right hand wrist across my chest in the WE TODD salute.

If you actually seen two people have a conversation and they repeatedly use that term, it puts me in the mind of those weird things on seasame street...

Its horrible to see some on like 40 tring to say it but again its so easy - wait for the question mark then insert a YEZZIR. Old Crackheads be using it, I see them on the corner...

Dopeman: aye, you wanna buy some crack?

Crackhead: y-y-y-y-yeddir (yeah no ess)

Then they do a crackhead dance


Word of the Week: Patsy



1. a person who is easily swindled, deceived, coerced, persuaded, etc.; sucker.
2. a person upon whom the blame for something falls; scapegoat; fall guy.
3. a person who is the object of a joke, ridicule, or the like.



Miseducation 101: Are you Serious?


I can NOT stand it when someone ask me that, now, dumb ass question after every statement I make.

Why is that saying this is even "hip" or "cool"?

I know a lot of you out there are guilty of falling victim to the effervescent phrase. Its something about the simple dimwittedness of such a ridiculous epithet that makes you seemingly cool - Are you serious?

Now I'm asking the question.

It can be the most heartstaking conversation and saying the phrase, that pays, makes you a complete and total JACKASS. I can be talking about a person that just died.

ME: AYE! Y'know old dude, Chris, just got shot. Yeah, he died yesterday.


ME: Naw, i just like to make up stories about people dying

Its not even a question anymore. All that statement means, to me, is that you not really caring or paying attention to what the Hell I'm saying.

"Fool I just told you someone died and ALL you can say is, "ARE YOU SERIOUS"


We got People 40-50 years old saying the ish. Its so simple! You dont even have to pay attention just wait for the other person to stop breathing and say, ARE YOU SERIOUS.

ME: I just paid $1.50 for gas.


ME: STFU!!! you unattentive douche!

I mean, valley girls, punk rockers, gothic folk, and every other echelon of society are part of the frenzy.

The most disturbing part is that if you say it and you are really asking the question....


YOU: Someone just broke in your car and stole your stereo system

ME: What?... they just.... are you serious?

Then you start laughing. WHAT!?!?!?!?
I'm like, my car just got broken into an the only witness IS A RETARD.


Look, yall got me saying it now.