MisEducation 101: Hi Hater


Class is back in session and the focus for today will be the Phenomenon known as "the hater" (aka da hay-duh).

On the blog Diamond Dust, A. Smith, spoke about haters and how it seems that when one does not want to directly "call out" a person, they say "its just a hater" or "its about the haters" or even "I do it for MY haters".

It seems to be an obsession, these days, to have this mythical nondescript syndicate(hay-duhs) whose sole purpose is to be the source of blame in ones life.

HUH? Let me break it down...

The Obsession

Obsession is the controlling of emotions, or thoughts, by a desire of achievement.

Thoughts and emotions are controlled by the word hater. If a person is deemed a hater, immediately, others perception of that person becomes skewed and obscure. Regardless of the credibility of the person calling out the hater, people still tend to hold the comment as truth. If you do not want someone to like another person just say that person is a hater.

Along with this conditioning of the mind is the goal of achieving the "sideline of haters". There is this growing desire to obtain as many haters as possible or to label any one who does not accept your 'swagger' as a hater. Though it should be known that every one will not perceive you as you do yourself, the mind set is that whoever does not is a hater. In short, any one not 'singing your praises' is a hater - regardless of truth.

The Mythical Nondescript Syndicate

Who is a hater, exactly? Other than unjust finger pointing, what identifies a hater?

When one says 'the haters' it is as if there referring to 'the spirits' or 'the man' - as in, its more of a representative group than actual tangible people. Haters are mythical in the sense of this false belief that created this normative system. I mean, there is not a group of people that will say we are 'the haters', no, the group will always form as 'the hateD'; But not in a victimized manner, more so as an astute group of individuals.

Again there is no clear cut way, outside of finger pointing, to depict, or describe, a hater. Nothing is out there to distinguish a hater.

Is it the way they look? Is it the way that talk? Who knows?

The Source of Blame

So, why are people infatuated with having this fictitious group? Blame is the reason.

The term hater(s) has become abstractly allegorical, meaning there is nothing of substance to back haterism. Its only an emblamatic semblance, giving a look on the surface to be the cause of another (a hater) but inwardly being ones self - or ones inner struggle with self.

If haters are a negative vice in ones life then why pursue having them? That makes it a figurative palisade, having the line of haters to defend you insecurities (its not me its them). Thus haters are out in front blocking the real source of the issue - YOU.

But Wait There Is More

I believe that there are genuine haters out there. Thing is its all of us. We all hate something, or someone even, in a perpetual since. There are things, or people, who we will never agree or meet a common ground with - its just life.

Saying things like, "if you got haters you must be doing something right" or "the more sucessful the more haters" or even "my haters motivate me", is not accurate. Those statements, and ones of the like, only mean that you embrace negativity in your life - or enjoy pissing people off.

If you believe that haters are going to further your growth maybe you should examine you "swagger".




A.Smith said...

Well you know you get a slow clap from me.

You broke this down way better than I ever could. I just want to know who started this "blame it on the haters" madness...

Dafonzarelli said...

Blame it on the haters...

sound like a new rap song

A. Red said...

They're are REAL haters out there, but I'm tired of being mistaking HONESTY for HATING. Moreover, just because our opinions clash doesn't mean I'm hating either. The word hater is being used ridiculously now and I want it BURNED. Blame it on Maino arse. He helped spew this mess all over the airwaves and now he's no where to be found!

Dafonzarelli said...

Red, Dont forget about B.O.B. "haters every where we go"

No doubt there are people out there that are illict haters.

Jonelle said...

This was the realist blog I ever read! Keep it up..How many more of these you got...

Dafonzarelli said...

Jonelle just explore the world known as Dafonzarelli